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Taking Away your business CHALLENGES and Maximizing Your Business GROWTH

Hey business owners, I’m Deepak Mohn, a business consultant for solving your biggest business challenges. I have been in this industry for about 2.5 years now. In these 2.5 years, I’ve consulted over 200+ business owners and over 2200+ hours of consultation & strategy and generated around $10 Million in revenues for my clients.

Helping Business Owners skyrocket their businesses and slash their losses

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Hours Consulted
10 +
Happy clients
$ 1 M
Worth Value generated

What I Do

I’ll provide strategic consultation and help you understand the core business challenges eating your business. 

Strategic Plans

I’ll craft a customized, personalized business strategic plan for your business that you can implement & apply for long-term results.

Business Coaching

I’ll be your business coach and will guide you with strategic weekly meetings. You’ll get motivational and strategic support with tactical planning.


I’ll help you implement the strategy we developed. You don’t need to worry about learning new technologies, hiring or outsourcing & managing the implementation.

How the strategy is being prepared?

Read how I prepare customized strategic plans for your business that delivers results


Step One

Consultation & Problem Identification

This stage involves completely identifying the core problems, growth assessment, urgency, and impact of the problem you’re having. This part is currently free and you can just proceed with a few pieces of advice after getting clarity on your business. 


Step Two

Market & Competitor Analysis

This stage marks the development of the consultation strategy. I’ll dig deeper into the market to see underlying trends. I’ll analyze the competitors and the key tactics that make them successful. Based on this I can craft a custom strategy for your business. 


Step Three

Tactical & Strategic Planning

This stage includes a collection of tactical plans based on our findings in research about the market and competitors which makes up for the complete long-term strategy. This includes goal setting, KPIs, and data analysis of your existing business. 


Step Four

Trackable Solutions & Contingencies

This stage discusses developing data-based practical solutions and action plans that you can implement and track your progress and growth.  Depending on your goals, we can make it drastic or slow-paced so that it doesn’t affect your business. 

Our services


Get strategic consultation to improve your business. This includes weekly strategic calls, and accountability coaching that helps you reach your SMART  business goals

Technology Support

Whether it’s your website or landing page or important integrations with plugins and tools.  We will make sure that it’s functional and bringing results to your business. 


From inbound marketing like content/ influencer marketing  on suitable channels,  Outbound marketing like cold email with AI automations to Paid Ads.  We can handle them all!


No matter how much traffic you’re  sending to your website and generating  calls/ inquiries. If your closing skills are not good! You’ll burn cash and won’t make money! We will help you in closing more clients! 


Branding  is a long-term approach. This helps you stand out from your competitors, make more loyal customers and just boosts your business in long term. 

Growth Partner

This is our flagship product! This includes everything from Tech, Marketing, Sales and more. We’ll go up and beyond to make sure that you gonna hit your revenue and profit goals in defined quarter 

Why work with me?

Below are some key points which I would like to mention if you’re working with me! 


Hundreds of clients over 3 years served with great results. See what clients have to say about my services. 

Book a Free Consultation

Frequently Asked Questions

What questions clients do generally ask about my services? 

At the moment yes, I’m offering the consultation free of cost. I want to learn and meet more business owners and want to understand their pain points.

No, the strategy is not free. The reason is, for research work and developing the right strategy requires brainstorming and the same time validating the strategies so that it has better chances of getting successful. This may require hours of work and hence it’s not free. 

Based on the size of business challenges, external factors, the industry of the business and available data, the strategy may take 7-14 days  to craft. 

After our free consultation session, if we agree on coaching as a solution you want for your business. Then after payment, I’ll devise the strategic meetings, goals, and objectives. I’ll give you weekly tasks and you’ll have to implement them or I can simply provide you with support as an advisor over your weekly progress and help you make decisions so that you take the right decisions to help you achieve your business goals. 

After the consultation, based on a solution you want to choose. Also, consultation in some cases might be enough to overcome your business challenge as the goal would be to give you clarity and help you take the right decision. 

However, if you like to continue with my expertise, we can choose off of the three solutions. All the solutions are pre-paid and hence I’ll send you an invoice, you pay and we’re good to start working on your business. 

If my strategies don’t deliver, I provide a money-back guarantee. This would be written over in the terms of the contract.

However I’m 110% sure my strategies work based on my past client’s results and my strategies are completely data-driven, practical, and achievable.  

In my work experience, I’ve worked for eCommerce businesses and bands, coaches (life coaches, business coaches, productivity coaches, environmental coaches, parental coaches), local businesses, Tech-& Non-tech Startup founders, construction businesses, actors, models, directors, voice-over artists, artists, interior designers and architects, real estate agents and realtors and lawyer and attorneys 

You can expect to get clarity on decision-making, with advice based on other businesses, real-world examples, and my understanding of the business fundamentals. Get an understanding or major problems your business has, what could be the consequences if you left them unresolved. 

This is the third solution I provide. Here I’ll be responsible for implementing the strategy and making it a success. 

I may not have all the skills, so I’ll hire, oversee and manage a team of the best talents across the world, to capture the best opportunity for your business and eradicate your biggest challenges. 

First of all, it’s an investment as you’re getting a return on your investment in terms of business growth and solving your existing business challenges.

Next, it varies as I like to charge based on how much value I do provide. However, I can tell what the charges are across, for a strategic plan, on the lower end, can be around $500-$5,000, in the middle, around $15,000-$40,000, and on the higher end can be around $75,000-$125,000 (PENN Creative Strategy: Top Agencies)


On the Coaching side, again it’s value-driven, but on avg, on the lower side, you can expect around $500 for cheap coaches, $5000 for standard coaches, and $35,000 for premium coaches per month  


On strategy implementation, management consultancies may charge based on the value they provide, so if their plan can make you $1 million, their fees might end up around 5-10% of the value they created, i.e., $50,000-$100,000. Some of the top consultancies such as McKinney usually charge $1 million on lower ends. 


Founder, Business Consultant

If you can track your business data, take strategic steps on it, stay relevant to your customers, and adapt according to market conditions, you’ll win! 

Let me help you guide through this journey to craft a winning business for you! 


Founder, Business Consultant