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About Me

I can't decide what my favorite quote is, but one of the best I remember is - "I came, I saw and I conquered" - by Julius Caesar

✅ Expert Strategy Consultant. Launch, Growth & Scale Strategy ✅ Accountability Partner ✅ Mentor & Business Coach ✅ Growth Hacker


I got graduated with a computer science degree in Engineering and after that, I followed my passion for launching and testing business ideas, reading books, and watching a ton of informational content.

I remember friends often discussed their startup ideas and seek advice from me, the reason was I was very much into the business side of things and always gave practical and verified information and advice. This sparked the business consultant inside me and I studied deep systems to deliver better results for clients. I studied McKinsey and Brain & Co company strategies to analyze and present information and also talked to employees to make my system better. I identified the need for a business consultant for smaller businesses as consulting is a job generally associated with large corporates. So here I am serving my consultation to small business owners, startup founders, and solopreneurs. 


My services generally include one of 3 categories:

  1. Consultation & Strategic Plan
  2. Business Coaching & Mentorship
  3. Implementation of Strategy

My specializations include the following things which may and may not be included in the strategic document:

📌Strategic Planning

📌Market Research and Analysis

📌Business Plan and Pitch Decks

📌Start-up guidance, coaching, and advisory

📌Sales Trainer

📌Go-To-Market Strategy

📌Sales Strategy

📌Market Validation

📌Small Business Consultant

📌Business Launch Strategy

📌Brand Strategy

📌Price Testing

📌Competitive Analysis

📌eCommerce Strategy


Although every business is different and needs a customized strategy, approaching the core problem and solving it requires a systemic approach.

Here’s how it looks

👉 Learning more about the business & founder/ client

👉 Identifying the core problems that are holding you back from achieving your goal

👉 Strategic Solutions in the form of various strategic deliverables

👉 Measuring growth and optimization


Consultants give your business another perspective to solve the knowledge, working with several industries allows us to think and apply strategies that might have taken a long time to figure out. I’ve coached & consulted over 1000+ hours to about 100+ global clients, giving them measurable and improved results, which have generated over $100k in revenues combined. I’m a creative and forward thinker, with a scientific temperament that allows me to look at things from a practical and logical perspective to solve problems. By working on my own business and working with my clients,

I exactly know what solution you need for your specific set of problems.

So let’s start working on your business, and all you need to do is to take the first step! 


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